Why Western media should take it easy with their ‘democracy’ talk when discussing Russia and Ukraine

Why the word ‘democracy’ makes me sick I’ve been keeping silent about the events in Ukraine for a very long time. First of all, I am not Ukrainian and I am not really… Continue reading

Wild Animals of the Arctic

Sergey Gorshkov lives in the Arctic region of Russia. He is passionate about wildlife photography and I love his images because I know almost nothing about the life in the Arctic. His pictures… Continue reading


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So, here are some simple thruths about LGBT, Olympics, bad Putin and homophobic Russia. Dear all, you’re right, but you’re wrong. Yes, homophobia is bad, Putin is an asshole,…

Where the Submarines Sleep

If you didn’t know, Vladivostok used to be a closed military port with submarines hiding in the docks. Even though we don’t really have that many submarines left, we still have some sort… Continue reading

Wild Musk Oxen in Arctic Prairie in Russia

Vitaly Gorshkov, a wildlife photographer, captured these animals in their natural habitat. He says that these animals are so hairy that it is difficult to distinguish the front from the back. The oxen… Continue reading

The Sochi Olympics and a Storm of Swords over Homophobia

On February 8, Russia will welcome international athletes to one of the most extravagant events in Russian history– the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Many foreigners imagine Russia as a country of relentless winters, with… Continue reading

Ice Water Fishing: Professionals Vs. Amateurs

Ice fishing is a challenging business, unless you know what you’re doing. Some birds are better at fishing than some humans. Captured by a local photographer Denis Yasinkov, these pictures reflect the spirit… Continue reading

Beautiful Pictures of the Foggy Weather in Vladivostok

Foggy weather can be incredibly beautiful. These images were taken by Alex Hitrov, a brilliant photographer from Vladivostok, who is never lazy to wake up early in order to get the best images.… Continue reading

Epiphany Day in Vladivsotok, Russia and Ice Water Swimming

It is THIS time of year in Russia when Orthodox Christians go swimming in ice cold water to celebrate the baptism of Jesus. Don’t ask why. It is still unclear to me why… Continue reading

Magical Pictures of Indonesia

These fantastic images were captured by Dewan Irawan, a prominent photographer from Indonesia. All of the images were thoroughly staged and carefully photoshopped later. Post production work occupies equal amount of time as… Continue reading