to Laos and Back: Movies Worth Watching on the Ride

Some time ago I went to Laos for the weekend. I’ve been there several times and I already knew what to expect from the long exhausting trip. I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep… Continue reading

Unusual Creatures of the Japanese Sea

This is Chirolophis Japonicus that lives in the Japanese sea in the Russian Far East. Despite its scary look, this fish isn’t scared of divers. You can even touch it or feed it,… Continue reading

Bering wolffish in the Japanese Sea.

This beauty is called Bering wolffish. This rare fish lives in Northeastern Pacific Ocean. It has sharp canine teeth and prefers rocky inshore locations. It can grow to 1 meter and weight 10… Continue reading

Awesome Illustrations by Waldemar Kazak

Waldemar Kazak is a prominent illustrator from Russia. His illustrations have a witty political, religious or social context. Here is my favourite image. You can see Putin and Medvedev walking towards Mubarak, Qaddafi,… Continue reading

Time Lapse of Marine Life

150.000 maro-pictures were put together to make this impressive time lapse video. Daniel Stoupin, the guy who created this video, has spent 9 months collecting images for this video. I watched this video… Continue reading

Skateboarding in Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey

Imagine a bunch of Ameircans, Germans, and Russians going to Iran to skateboard. Sounds insane, right? Nonetheless, these guys made it and even filmed their experiences in this closed country. A bunch of… Continue reading

Why Do You Need to Care About Internet Surveillance?

Many people I know tend to recklessly post their personal information online without even thinking if they might regret it later. The amount of selfies and narcissistic images, personal information and check-ins on… Continue reading

Watch Out: There is a Tiger on the Road!

Amur tigers, also known as Siberian tigers, used to be a dominant predator in the Russian Far East. According to various urban legends, tigers used to walk freely across the town of Vladivostok… Continue reading

Curious Fox from Kamchatka, Russia

Sergey Gorshkov, a prominent nature photographer, captures the wildlife of the Russian North. This curious fox lives in close proximity to humans that is why it is no longer afraid of them. Searching… Continue reading

Spring is Coming: first Flowers in Vladivostok

I have safely arrived in Vladivostok, my hometown on the Russian Far East. The weather here is relatively warm during the day: -5. After living in Thailand for such a long time, -5… Continue reading