How much for your soul?

Will you choose slavery to get a job of your dreams over your freedom?


Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”: a true masterpiece of literature

I’ve just finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Yeah, I know she is considered a right-wing conservative and an evil lady who hates charity and advocates selfish behavior and bla-bla. Whatever. I… Continue reading

Underwater Photography: a.k.a. Sea Butterflies in the Japanese Sea

This snail-like sea predator lives in the waters of the Japanese Sea. Limainas float around and feed on small planktonic organisms. These creatures are truly magnificent. They live in deeper waters during the… Continue reading

One Day in a UFO-look-alike Temple in Thailand

Have you ever been in a place that looks futuristic? A place that is so surreal that you expect Tom Cruise to show up with a huge surreal shotgun and start killing aliens,… Continue reading

On Rationality of Chickens

When I was studying political economy at my university in Budapest, my professor told us about Rational Choice Theory. According to this theory human decision-making relies on choices that maximize their personal benefits… Continue reading

Master of Cooking Disaster

When I was little, I was extremely skillful at spoiling food. I couldn’t cook anything without my mum’s supervision. Cooking was out of my universe. I used to spend hours doing homework, reading… Continue reading

Spring Sun and One Lazy Old Cat

I have recently returned from my trip back home. I’ve spent a month enjoying the warm spring weather of the Russian Far East. I used to put a light jacket on and a… Continue reading

When the city sleeps: images taken 300 meters above the ground

Some people are fearless, they can climb the highest buildings and even take pictures posing with one leg in the air. I am not brave like them. Imagine the highest radio tower in… Continue reading

Tips on Renting a House in Thailand

So I’ve got lots of time on my hands and I decided to write some useful articles about Thailand. If you think you’re ready to move to the land of thousand smiles and… Continue reading

The Winter Is Over!!!!

The winter is finally over in Vladivostok. Spring is in the air and the sea ice has melted. Girls started wearing short skirts, while guys started showing their musculine strength while driving around… Continue reading