Rage and joy over Facebook. “If we are moody, we are artfully moody”

One of my best friends exclaimed that he might delete his Facebook account in the nearest future. He was impressed by an article The Anti-Social Network: by helping other people look happy, Facebook… Continue reading

Horror in Domodedovo airport: the aftermath

I was totally speechless and incredibly upset after the first news appearedfrom the Moscow airport Domodedovo on Monday. Domodedovo is the best airport in the country and I still cannot believe that it… Continue reading

Russian president in Palestine

illustrators.ru I’ve been a bit shocked lately by the recent move of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In this regard I have some thoughts related to to the current political game in Russia namely… Continue reading

Discussing the basics of investigative journalism

On Saturday I was participating in the annual CIME forum on media ethics for journalists. The Forum was organised at the Central European University with the support of the Center for Media and… Continue reading

CNN and Sunday morning

So I read today: CNN apologizes for the mistake [RUS] could not find it in English tho. Several days ago one of the CNN videos appeared on the web, however the footage did… Continue reading

Vladivostok – Yekaterinburg: apparently no big difference???

Sometimes Internet shines like a diamond of freedom and transparency, other times it screws you over by the wrong information. It was always a problem to distinguish true and real stories from the… Continue reading

Sham or Real Power of Internet Activism in Russian

In his recent article “Russia’s “Youtube democracy” is a sham” Luke Allnutt from the Christian Science Monitor claims that Kremlin is using Internet to imitate the existence of openness and democracy in Russia.… Continue reading

Internet at Liberty Conference organized by Google

Budapest September 20 – 21, 2010 Last two days I have spent at the conference called Internet at Liberty jointly organized by Google and Center for Media Communication Studies on the base of… Continue reading

Lessons of modern age slavery

Even though slavery was abolished in the modern world more than hundred years ago it still exists in many societies across the globe. There are different types of slavery starting from human trafficking… Continue reading

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