Images of a Tiny Jellyfish in the Japanese Sea

This jellyfish is incredibly small. It reaches the size of 10 mm in diameter. All the images were taken by a prominent local photographer Andrey Shpartak. Advertisements

FYI Russians don’t say ‘Na Zdorowye’ when we drink!!!!

Every time I go partying with foreigners I have to face an awful load of Russian-related stereotypes. First of all, everyone starts offering me vodka shots just because I am Russian. Well, I… Continue reading

On recent chauvinistic events in my life

so you say I focus too much on gender issues? Really? How not to focus on them, when only yesterday we were sitting in your living room and all the guys wanted to… Continue reading

What happens after the rain in Vladivostok?

Last week Vladivostok experienced some severe rain and drastic weather conditions as if the hell broke loose and decided to pour over the small port city in the Russian Far East. Strangely enough… Continue reading

Octopus Dance in the Japanese Sea

Andrey Shpartak has taken these spectacular images of an octopus in the Japanese Sea. The octopus dances in the water moving from one spot to another.

A GoPro video of Polar Bears Swimming in the Water

GoPro is by far one of the best inventions in photography over the past decade. You can take pictures and videos of extreme sports and underwater life. Check out this video of polar… Continue reading

Cosmos Inside the Ural Mountains

These images were taken at the potassium salt mines in the Urals. I am impressed by the intricate patterns and colors on the walls of the mines. Millions of years ago there were… Continue reading

Marine Life of the Russian Far East: Meet a Horsehair Crab

This beautiful creature is called a Horsehair Crab. I must say it is a rather odd name for such a crab. You can find this animal in the waters of the Northern Pacific… Continue reading

Old Synagogue Restoration in Vladivostok

I didn’t even know there was a synagogue in Vladivostok. Apparently it was built in 1916 and it is now one of the oldest synagogues in the Russian Far East. The territory of… Continue reading

Summer, sea, Vladivostok

Summer has finally arrived to the city of Vladivostok. People started wearing less clothes, and decided to smile for a change. The rainy season hasn’t started yet, so here is another reason to… Continue reading