Tragedy on Fukushima? Forget about it, move on …

News cycles change very fast, so that people already don’t really remember what happened a week ago. Situation with Fukushima does not seem to get any better, but it seems to me that… Continue reading

Easter: can it be more political?

Seems like every aspect of life became politicized to a certain extend. From holidays that people celebrate to clothes they sometimes wear. Finally the Easter holidays are over and people stopped making a… Continue reading

Collective consciousness of Russian blogosphere and the issue of short memory

Today I read an article by Svetlana Romanova on the “collective unconsciousness.” Her main argument was that Russian blogosphere is consuming news and moving on very quickly. Sometimes, no one can remember what… Continue reading

Fears of radiation play havoc around the world

In the aftershock of the Japanese tragedy neighboring countries are getting worried and scared about their proximity to the unfolding catastrophe. Fears of radiation contamination are spreading fast over two sides of the… Continue reading

Angry Birds + Three Little Pigs = revolution in the Middle East

This Wednesday, Russian Internet exploded in laughter. The reason for this was one video created by well-known blogger Egor Zhgun. Video represents a combination of popular game Angry Birds and the Three Little… Continue reading

The Navalny case: an offline power of online activism in Russia

Alexey Navalny a prominent blogger and lawyer gained popularity for his online anti-corruption campaign. He did this by presenting documents that confirmed theft of $4 billion dollars by a state-run corporation Transneft during… Continue reading

Cyber-utopians in Russia

a prominent researcher Evgeny Morozov calls people like me cyber-utopians. Well indeed I am a cyber-utopian and believe that all those modern technologies can change things for better. I want to believe that… Continue reading

Wikileaks and The New York Times behind the scenes

On the 16th of February I had a chance to attend a lecture by David McCraw, Vice President of The New York Times Company. He spoke specifically on the Wikileaks issues, his personal… Continue reading

Russia: Blogger Detained for Spreading Bombing Rumors

Masha Egupova analyzes the cases of Ilya Korol, Far East blogger who got detained for a terroristic act rumor, and the new government initiatives that are aimed to monitor and control such “dangerous content.”

Russia is tightening the screws after the Domodedovo attack

Current regime in Russia is tightening its control over the civil society and internet after the shocking terrorist attack on the Domodedovo airport. It seems that Medvedev and Security Services need to justify… Continue reading