FYI Russians don’t say ‘Na Zdorowye’ when we drink!!!!

Every time I go partying with foreigners I have to face an awful load of Russian-related stereotypes.

First of all, everyone starts offering me vodka shots just because I am Russian. Well, I am not a big fan of vodka to begin with and I believe that most bars abroad have no idea how to serve vodka. Remember people! Vodka should be super cold, better put it in the freezer and then serve it to your guests. Otherwise, it is simply impossible to drink it. When vodka is cold it is at least somewhat bearable.

Secondly, we don’t make vodka out of potatoes. Who the hell came up with this ridiculous belief???? Yes, they make potato vodka somewhere on Sweden, but not in mother-Russia! The majority of Russian companies make it out of wheat.

Thirdly, Russians don’t say ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ when we drink!!!!! Foreigners normally get excited when they discover my Russian origin. They start ordering me vodka shots and yelling ‘na zdorov’ye’ in my ear.

Remember everyone! Russians NEVER say ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ when drinking. We say ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ when you tell us ‘thank you’. ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ basically means ‘to your health/ to your benefit’. It is a Russian version of English phrase ‘you’re welcome!’

When Russians drink, they say ‘Yebnem!’, ‘Poehali!’ [Let’s Go!], ‘Nachali!’ [Let’s Begin!], forget about this stupid ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’

Polish people say ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ but NEVER Russians. Some polite Russians would say ‘Vashe/ Tvoe Zdorovye’ if they respect you.

Where did this bullshit about ‘Na Zdorov’ye!’ come from? Who made it up? Ah, I get it, I guess we should blame Hollywood movies for various silly stereotypes about Russians.