On recent chauvinistic events in my life

so you say I focus too much on gender issues? Really? How not to focus on them, when only yesterday we were sitting in your living room and all the guys wanted to see the new Captain America? It seems to me that you didn’t notice how all the girls in the room slowly started checking Facebook while this ‘exciting’ movie was playing. When was the last time you agreed to watch a movie that your wife or girlfriend really wanted to see? when was the last time you forced her into watching yet another super hero/male dominating/testosteron overdosed movie?

Maybe it’s time to face the truth? You don’t even know what chauvinism is and how difficult it could be growing up a girl. When your parents tell you that you need to be careful, not to wear too flashy clothes. They tell you that you’re not supposed to behave in certain ways and be more diplomatic because you’re a girl. You won’t understand how terrified we are going back home at night and holding on to the keychain, just in case … When you’re speechless and terrified standing inside the metro cart while some creep is touching your leg from behind and your eyes are screaming for help?

Or maybe no one made fun of you that you don’t know how to drive because you’re a girl. Or no one trusted your sense of direction because you’re a girl, even though you can navigate around the town better than Google Maps?

Time to fucking wake up from your sleep. Open you eyes: we live in the world where making fun of women is considered OK and speaking up against it means being labeled as a ‘crazy feminist’. Well, here is a newsflash for you: chauvinism is around us and it’s time you acknowledge it.