Master of Cooking Disaster

When I was little, I was extremely skillful at spoiling food. I couldn’t cook anything without my mum’s supervision. Cooking was out of my universe. I used to spend hours doing homework, reading some romantic crap or simply day dreaming.


I grew up on a small farm and my parents used to plant a lot of exotic vegetables and herbs. My mum is an amazing cook. She has this feeling of right and wrong cooking combinations. I seemed to lack any of these skills.

My parents would often leave to work during summer months and ask me to cook something by the time they were back from work. My brother would work in the garden while I managed to boil rice with too much salt, or peel tulip bulbs instead of onions and then would call my mum saying that ‘something is wrong with the onions, they’re not onion-ey enough’. I was a disaster. I used to peel potatoes that my mum bought to plant in the yard.

My parents used to joke that no one would marry a girl like me, coz I was a terrible cook. My brother loved cooking, he even wanted to become a chef, but it never happened.

Things have changed when I started traveling. I tried various dishes around the world and my cooking curiosity has finally awaken. I loved experimenting with Hungarian goulash and Egyptian babaganoug, Thai curries and Italian pesto. Even though, I managed to learn how to cook, there were a lot of mistakes on my road. I once failed to make proper pancakes and even burned a pot.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy experimenting and learning new recipes. Today I stumbled upon a cooking TV show by Gordon Ramsay. I love Gordon’s approach to food and cooking. He teaches how to pick herbs, sharpen knifes and cook delicious meals. Enjoy: