Spring Sun and One Lazy Old Cat


I have recently returned from my trip back home. I’ve spent a month enjoying the warm spring weather of the Russian Far East. I used to put a light jacket on and a matching scarf and I was good to go walking around the city of Vladivostok.

Well, clearly here you can see an image of a cat. This is my mum’s 11 year old cat who has no name. He isn’t a street cat, he sleeps at home, nonetheless, most of the time he is busy wandering around our neighbors’ yards, fighting with other cats and just being lazy.


He has lost his year due to some severe fight with another cat. My mum tried to save the ear, but it was all in vain. He doesn’t seem to care much.


One day he went on a strike after my parents decided to switch his diet from unhealthy dried cat food to some form of boiled meat with some grains. He refused to eat this food for days and even left the house. My parents were worried for a couple of days until he finally returned. He seemed skinny and super hungry. Nonetheless, he stayed somewhere else and even ate another cat’s food. How do we know about this? Well, he came home and puked with some small fish bones. And this cat never eats fish at home. Eventually my parents gave up and started feeding him dried cat food again. That’s how this cat won the battle.