Tips on Renting a House in Thailand

So I’ve got lots of time on my hands and I decided to write some useful articles about Thailand.

If you think you’re ready to move to the land of thousand smiles and delicious food, then you need to keep reading this article.

I’ve been in Thailand for a year. I’ve traveled North and South, stayed on the islands and explored the mountains. I’ve rented various condos, bungalows and rooms. So now I will tell you how to rent a house or a condo in Thailand.

1. Don’t come to Thailand during the so called ‘high-season’ when a lot of foreigners occupy hotels and resorts. You should try renting a place for at least three months, if you want to stay for half a year, most likely you will get a discount.

2. If you want to stay on any Thai island, avoid staying by the beach. First of all, beach houses are expensive. Secondly, you may need to deal with drunken foreigners partying at the beach every night. It is better and cheaper to rent a house ten minutes away from the beach and ride to the closest coast every day on your motorbike. Moreover, when the weather gets unbearably hot, you can enjoy the light shade and breeze somewhere in the jungle.

You can find a bungalow in a resort starting from 6000 THB per month. A house farther from the beach would cost less and may be even bigger.

3. Try dealing with the house owner. Avoid using services of foreigners who live on an island long enough to become brokers. They may sublease the chosen house to you and even triple the price.

4. You need to discuss the price of your house during the high season. Some landlords can surprise you by increasing the price. Ask the owner if anyone has booked the house for the upcoming months. Keep in mind that prices on bungalows will get tripled during high season.

Good luck with house hunting!