to Laos and Back: Movies Worth Watching on the Ride

Some time ago I went to Laos for the weekend. I’ve been there several times and I already knew what to expect from the long exhausting trip. I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep for a while, so I downloaded several movies that I wanted to watch and was excited to finally spend several hours chilling without any work to do. So get your coffee ready and watch these movies:


A story of an ordinary Palestinian family which receives a Green Card to the USA. Packing their lives in suitcases, a single mother and her teenage son decides to explore America in their search of better opportunities. The movie tells a story of post 9/11 syndrome in the State, the growing hatred towards people from the Middle East and everyday struggles of an immigrant family. A very touching and down-to-earth story.

The best part:
Conversation between the single mother and an immigration officer in the US:
– What’s your occupation, ma’am?
– Occupation? Ah, yes, we’ve been occupied for the past 40 years!

Here is a trailer:

Crystal Fairy

A hip non-mainstream movie about young travelers across Chile who randomly met a weird girl and invited her to join them. [The girl kinda looks like Lorde] The trip turned into an adventure for the travelers who were wishing to find the magical cactus and make some sort of a magical alcoholic drink. Weird views on spirituality topped with an annoying girl character. We all have a friend who behaves like this girl: irrational, weird and completely unpredictable. Her obnoxious behaviour mixed with total lack of social awareness turned this trip into a disaster and saved it at the same time šŸ™‚