Why Do You Need to Care About Internet Surveillance?

Many people I know tend to recklessly post their personal information online without even thinking if they might regret it later. The amount of selfies and narcissistic images, personal information and check-ins on Foursquare flooded my newsfeed. People don’t think that their own governments might be spying on them. Why do you need to care about state surveillance online if you didn’t do anything wrong? Here is what Edward Snowden has to say about it:

“First of all, you’re giving up your rights. You say: “I don’t need them, these things don’t really matter. These guys are gonna do the right thing.” Your rights matter because you don’t know when you’re going to lose them. Beyond that it’s a part of our cultural identity, not just in America, but in Western societies and democratic societies around the world. People should be able to pick up the phone and call their family. People should be able to send a text message to their loved ones. They should be able to book an airplane ticket without wondering how those events will look to an agent of government, possibly not even your government but one years in the future. How might this be misinterpreted? We have a right to privacy. We require warrants to be based on probable causes. Trusting any government authority with the entirety of human communications without any oversight is too great a temptation to be ignored.”

You can find his TED talk here.