So, here are some simple thruths about LGBT, Olympics, bad Putin and homophobic Russia. Dear all, you’re right, but you’re wrong. Yes, homophobia is bad, Putin is an asshole, the Sochi Olympics are a festival of hypocrisy. And no, if you say this, it doesn’t mean you are the ones against hypocrisy here. Most probably, you are hypocrits as well. Because it’s not only the mythic “Putin” who benefits from the anti-LGBT legislation in Russia. You are its beneficiaries as well.

Let’s come back to the homophobic law itself. Actually, it’s funny how no one really thinks about why it was adopted in the first place. Everybody is so outraged by the fact, everybody asks rhetoric questions about whether it’s going to be applied to prosecute every lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* person in Russia, but nobody seems to stop to think about the why.

People, the homophobic law…

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