A Letter to Myself. Part 1

It’s this time of year, when people remember what happened to them in 2013 and make their wishes for the upcoming 2014. Soooo I decided to highlight and remember the brightest moments of this year. Looking back at 2013 I realize that this past year was simply awesome! Lots of travels, adventures, new people and friendly cities!

It seems that 2013 New Year’s celebration was just yesterday. I was sitting in my beloved apartment in Cairo with my lovely cat by my side. It was all traditional: Russian salad, movies till midnight, the man I loved was right next to me. I remember watching annual Presidential speech in front of the Kremlin dubbed in Arabic, champagne with strawberries, friends and loud music after midnight.

I made a wish to be loved and happy. Be careful with your wishes … My wishes got twisted and transformed. I was loved by my friends and found happiness in the land of eternal sunshine and endless mango bliss. And the man I loved doesn’t love me back … So nothing has changed there.

So here I am again, sitting in another apartment in Cairo with a different cat by my side. My cat doesn’t live with me any longer, she lives with the man I once loved. Ten years from now I will remember my time in Cairo as the most courageous period of my life. I wasn’t afraid to follow my heart and come to another country looking for the long-broken love. Well, at least I tried, despite the fact that I failed.

And it is all cool. Life is great and bright, hard, painful, and fascinating at the same time.

Last winter my heart was shattered into million sparkling pieces, scattered across Cairo. And I was grateful for my friend’s visit and our long conversations, for our weird crusade on one of the post-colonial bars in downtown Cairo, felucca rides on the Nile and sheesha cafes nearby.

Despite being heartbroken, life was moving on. It was my time to leave Egypt, to move on and evolve. So I booked a ticket to Thailand. I thought I would stay there for three months and then come back to the land of pharaohs, but my plans changed.

So I went to explore Southeast Asia with its tuk-tuks on Khao San road, monkeys in Ubud, karaoke in one of the bars in Bali and countless temples in Chiang Mai.

Despite the fact that Bali left a hole in my pocket and I was nervous to travel in the beginning, I fell in love with the island’s nature and culture. Remember that story when monkeys attacked us and tore a laundry bag? I also remember yoga, rice fields, bike rides, and delicious avocado sandwiches. I remember the surprise on Ryan’s face when he discovered that Russians don’t drink vodka all the time, and that some of them actually prefer drinking hot tea in +30 weather.

In this technological day and age, you can understand what’s happening in someone’s life by checking their Facebook page. His life didn’t change much. The boosting ocean of people in Cairo didn’t destroy him. He spent most of the time at home with my cat and was busy visiting some of his friends while I was enjoying my time in Asia. Even thought I was happy, I still missed my miserable life in Cairo. And my heart was still buried under Sakkara’s sand. Ah, stupid heart, why do you cause so much trouble?

Over the first 5 months of 2013 I managed to travel, meet great people, learn more about myself. I thought I felt love again, but lost it all.