Simpsonization of Russian Art

Students from Moscow based High School of Art and Design (BHSAD) had to work on a very unusual assignment. They were asked to Simpsonize some famous Russian Art masterpieces. A little bit of creativity and satire, and voila:

This painting was Simpsonized from the iconic work of Petrov-Vodkin called “Bathing of a Red Horse”. Here is the original:

Here is another gem:

The original is called Bogatyrs [1898] by Viktor Vasnetsov:

One more:

The original painting is called The Unequal Marriage [1862] by Vasili Pukirev:

This one is my favorite:

The girl with peaches (1887) by Valentin Serov was the painting that inaugurated Russian Impressionism.

And the last one:

Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf [1889] by Viktor Vasnetsov:

You can find more images here.