Russia: Social Initiatives for Better Life of Disabled People

The wave of social entrepreneurship is on the rise in Russia. As the government shows its inability to solve vital social problems in the country, various activists step up and implement their innovative ideas.

The new project Metro4all is aimed to create an interactive map of the underground systems in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Both cities have a large number of disable people and people with special needs who have to battle their way through the complicated underground systems.

Maksim Dubinin is a prominent GIS/RS specialist who managed to organize various social initiatives based on geographic data and modern means of communication. His team from GIS-Lab had previously created an interactive map of orphanage houses in Russia.

Moscow Metro Map

Moscow Metro Map

Members of his team went through all the subway stops in Moscow and St. Petersburg in order to collect the data for the map. They measured the width of the entrance doors and passage ways, calculated the amount of steps on each station and indicated the absence /presence of the elevators. The new map will help disabled people to plan the route through the underground system.

This interactive map can be installed on mobile devices. You can plan your route through the city and find the best way to get from one place to another. If you have a heavy bag and don’t want to take the stairs, you can also use the map to plan the trip, avoid long corridors and use the elevators instead. Mothers with baby carriages and elderly people will also benefit from this initiative.

The new rise of start-up activity in Russia promises various solutions to the existing problems in the country. Let’s hope that such initiatives will help in improving the country and people’s lives for better.