Russia: Religion in Numbers

Ever wondered what are the real religious views in Russia? Years of communistic suppression of religion obviously affected the population. Nonetheless, Russian Orthodox Church claims that 80% of the population is Christian. Well, this assumption is far from truth.

The recent nationwide survey indicated that only 41% of the population actually belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, while 25% believe in god and don’t belong to any religious group. Another 13% are atheists and only 6,5% are Muslim. It is surprising that another 8% believe in UFO and miracles.

If you follow this link you will find an interactive map and more information on the topic.

Maybe a lot of people stopped being orthodox after a series of scandals involving Russian Church. ‘Pussy Riot’ controversy divided the society and highlighted a lot of issues within the church.

Even if 41% of Russians are orthodox, only 4% go to church on a regular basis, while 8% have read the gospels. It does not look like a very religious country. Why does the church have such a significant impact on politics then? If you take a close look on a map, Russian Far East and Siberia are even less religious with only 28% of orthodox population.  I believe the church should have no right to get involved in politics; apparently Russian emperor Vladimir Putin has a different opinion on that.