Russia: New Year – New Draconian Law

Protest in front of Russian Parliament. Scanpix/RIA Novosti

Protest in front of Russian Parliament. Scanpix/RIA Novosti

Even though, the Mayan Apocalypse never really happened, the world of some children in Russia has collapsed. As a matter of fact a lot of Russian orphans are now deprived from adoption by American families and their opportunities for better future are fading away. Russian parliamentarians voted in favor for the draconian law preventing Americans from adopting Russian orphans.

In this relation Vladimir Varfolomeev from radio  Echo Moskvy points out [ru]:

420 депутатов расписались под людоедским законопроектом. Некоторые молча и м.б. стыдливо, кого-то, наверное, уговорили или даже заставили старшие товарищи, но некоторые продвигали документ всеми силами, от всей души.

420 MPs signed the inhuman bill. Some did it silently and maybe with shame, some of them were probably persuaded or even forced by their senior colleagues, but some promoted this document in every way with all their heart.

Journalist Valery Panyushkin points out:

Запрещать американцам усыновлять российских сирот – это, конечно, глупость несусветная. Но дело не в американцах. Дело в нас. Американское усыновление – это лишь симптом, лишь свидетельство того, что наша система усыновления устроена из рук вон плохо. Наладьте опеку детей в России и американское усыновление исчезнет само собой. Просто не останется сирот, чтобы отдавать их за границу.

Banning Americans from adopting Russian orphans is of course utter nonsense. It is not really about Americans. It is about us. American adoption is just a symptom, a sign that our system of adoption is arranged very poorly. Fix the system of custody of children in Russia and the U.S. adoption would disappear on its own. There will be no orphans left to give abroad.

As a result opposition organized several protests in front of the parliament in Moscow. Some brought flowers and toys to protest the adoption ban. Others simply threw eggs at the building (more pictures here [ru]).

Ilya Pitalev for Ria Novosti

Ilya Pitalev for Ria Novosti

This law is supposed to be a symmetrical response of the Russian government to Magnitsky Bill. Magnitsky Law is a bill that passed by American Congress in November 2012, its main purpose is to punish Russian corrupt politicians responsible for the death of a lawyer Sergey Magnitsky. He died in prison without any medical assistance. As Russian officials have shown no intent in investigating his death, American Congress compiled a list of these politicians in order to ban their entrance to the US and close any of their bank accounts in the States.

A prominent Russian journalist Adrey Loshak claims:

Теперь Единая Россия хочет запретить американцам усыновление сирот из России в ответ на «список Магнитского». Это какая-то несусветная низость: использовать детей в своих гнусных взрослых играх. Бл#дь, запрещайте курицу, консервы, айфоны, но не трогайте суки маленьких. Это — дети, а не «симметричная мера». Почему они должны расплачиваться своим будущим за банду упырей, спиздивших из бюджета деньги и запытавших до смерти ни в чем не повинного человека в тюрьме? Кто теперь усыновит этих несчастных? Какую альтернативу им предлагает государство? …

Даже террористы первым делом отпускают женщин и детей. Шантажировать детьми могут только конченые отморозки


United Russia now wants to prohibit Americans from adopting orphans from Russia in response to the Magnitsky bill. This is utter meanness: using children in their vile adult games. F*ck, forbid chicken, canned food, iPhones, but do not f*cking touch the little ones. These are children, and not some sort of “symmetric measure.” Why do they have to pay with their future for a gang of bloodsuckers who stole money from the budget and tortured to death an innocent man in prison? Who will adopt these unlucky ones? […]

Even the terrorists release women and children firste. Only the utter scumbags can blackmail with children.

At the same time, some reporters believe that this law will go against a lot of international agreements that Russia has signed. First of all, it contradicts the UN Convention on the Rights of Children, apparently, Russian MPs are not aware of that. Now Mr. Putin has signed the law and there is no way back now …