Protests in Moscow

Moscow is still tormented by the clashes between the opposition and the riot police.

The new Moscow mayor Mr. Sobyanin officially announced [ru] that the protesters have provoked clashes with the riot police. It is obvious that there was violence from both sides, however, I believe that people should not be arrested for no particular reason and the legally allowed demonstration should not be blocked by the riot police.

Everyone has seen this image of a weak and helpless girl grabbed by a policeman.

Here is the video with the same girl throwing stones at the policemen:

Media imaging is a strong tool that helps in creation of a particular narrative and discourse on the subject. The counter position of a girl and a policeman plays in favor of a “weak” girl so that the audience sympathizes with her. Well, this example is another reminder that all the information we receive should be verified and double checked.

Yet there are images like this one:

and it becomes unclear why they need to be so cruel towards the protesters.