Protest on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square. 30 000 to 100 000 people attended according to various sources

What’s happening now in Russia is inspiring and truly amazing. Since the events of the 90s there was no big protest in the country.

It is hard to say how many people showed up on the protest. Some sources claim there are about 30 000+ people; others believe there are about 100 000 people on Bolotnaya square in Moscow: nationalists, liberal opposition, popular journalists and politicians, neo-nazis and anti fascists. It is hard to imagine all these different people together. People are smiling holding posters with funny slogans. It is hard to hear what’s happening on stage, there are various centers of activity and the protests seem rather disorganized. However, there is no violence and people are not getting arrested. Well obviously police will not be able to arrest all the people on the square.

Analysis of what’s just happened will come some hours later. In the meantime, people showed their great support for non-violent and peaceful resolution of the current political deadlock. No one wants a revolution, since it is clear that revolutions do not bring any good: it is bloody, violent and destructive for people and country’s economy. Russian history showed how unpredictable and violent revolutions are. Besides, no one is interested to be a northern Libya with thousands of people dead, or Egypt with religious people ruling the country. Everyone realizes that the violent way is not a solution.

People generally do not trust the police forces and even hate the police. However, policemen are also humans and they also do what their bosses tell them to do. I admit that there are some people in the police who enjoy inflicting violence. However, the current corrupt police system did not appear out of nowhere: low salaries force people to somehow survive. This demonstration in Moscow showed that policemen are also people: no one was arrested or beaten up. Policemen were friendly and did not stop people from protesting. A person from the crowd asked a policemen: are you with the people? – of course I am– was his response. I hope this attitude and understanding will stay for long.

At the same time Vladimir Putin decided to finally address the issue of protests in Moscow and blamed Hillary Clinton for encouraging the protests, since she described Russian elections as dishonest.

Well to be clear, let’s not forget that anti-American hate-speech in Russia did not vanish all of a sudden. And the fact that Hilary called elections unfair is not a big surprise for Russian opposition and the youth, since people witnessed and reported on various cases of violations themselves.

Obviously Putin forgot that he is the one to be blamed for anti-American sentiments in our society and kept talking: “we must protect our sovereignty and we must and need to think about improving the legislation and keep accountable those people who represent another state and influences political process in Russia.” WTF Putin???? So now you would like to impose censorship on foreign state representatives and keep them accountable for the criticism of the sacred mother-Russia????? This suggestion not only breaks International Law, but also shows that Mr. Putin has nothing else to say and that his PR specialists are lacking any ideas how to address the “sudden” sense of dissatisfaction in the country. So the obvious solution is to blame the Western evil powers plotting against Mother-Russia.

Thank you people of Moscow who showed that things can be different in our totalitarian country.

You can find more pictures from Bolotnaya square here.