Chronicle of the Russian protests against unfair parliamentary elections.

Protests in Moscow on Dec 6, 2011 by Ilya Varlamov

Protests in Moscow will continue, most likely. Who would have thought that it is possible in Russia? Especially in winter when low temperatures force people to avoid the street cold at any cost.

This Saturday many people will get arrested again. Therefore various media outlets started spreading the guidance for those going on the massive protest on December 10th that will take place in Moscow. First of all people should not wear shoes on laces since any laces will be taken away upon detention. [well, let’s be realistic – a lot of people will get arrested]. Protesters should also prepare themselves for spending a day or two in the police detention center, they should have old cell phones that will work for days without recharging. People should be ready for everything. Well, after all being aware is being prepared.

This morning authorities officially allowed the demonstration for 300 people, whereas the Facebook protest page has about 60 000 potentially interested people. this evening the place for authorities allowed a 30 000 people protest on Bolotnaya Square. Nonetheless, the government will try to stop masses from any moves and will keep blocking metro exits and keep arresting people.

There is a lot of controversial information in the news. This morning Russian authorities decided to arrange a first in the world Ice Theater on the same location dedicated for the protest. This theater will perform some folk fairy-tales for children as a part of the Christmas Celebrations in the country. it all seemed suspicious as if Russian authorities were trying to set protesters up: to present them s some angry violent masses fighting with little innocent children on the square.

You may ask: what mother will bring her child to the square on the day of the protest? Well the thing is those people who watch TV and receive news from the state channels only are not aware of any planned protest on December 10. The state media is simply ignoring the subject of the protests. Russian internet [RuNet] is actively discussing the planned protest, therefore only active internet users are aware of these plans, while the rest of the country wanders in the darkness.

This evening the plans changed: authorities allowed the vast protest on another square. I have no idea what made them agree on that. Whereas Mr. Putin announced that authorities should not prevent opposition from protesting. Earlier this week Putin and everyone in the Kremlin were celebrating a fair victory of the United Russia party. Something might have changed over the last days. Authorities have found themselves in a very tricky situation when they cannot ignore the masses anymore, they cannot pretend that all these people do not exist, as they did before. I wonder what the next move will be?

Fox News showed how little they care about the accurate professional reporting: a video about protests in Moscow shows Greek protests. Does anyone even watch Fox News? Does anyone take them seriously after all the typos and mistaken reports they’ve made?