On radiation hysteria in Japan

In the meantime situation in Japan does not seem to get any better around the levels of radiation. The nation appears to be trapped on the limited land sources that is available. Some time ago it was announced that radiation in one particular place in Tokyo is higher than in Fukushima. The world stopped paying attention to the Japanese tragedy, like I said before: news cycles die out fast.

In the meantime, people in Japan started checking radiation levels on their own and over the last several weeks they were able to reveal several alarming radioactive spots in Tokyo. Some of them are believed to be related to the radioactive rain water from Fukushima while others are of a different origin.

People randomly stumbled upon this spot and it turned out to be highly radioactive. Local authorities have blocked off the access to this place and parents ensured their children will not go there. Later on the “investigators entered an unoccupied house alongside the sidewalk and radiation readings led them to remove floorboards where they found a case of unidentified substances in bottles, public broadcaster NHK reported.”

So it seems like these flasks were stored there for a long time and revealed only now. Bottles contained radioactive radium that was previously used for domestic purposes. Luckily the radiation hysteria in Japan uncovered this dangerous spots. But how many more are out there? And how much harm Fukushima caused to the poor nation and the neighboring territories?

And again, no one is blaming Japan for the irresponsible construction of nuclear plants in the close proximity to the seismic zones. But we all remember what happened to the evil Soviet Union: protests and demonstrations in front of the USSR Embassies around the world were only one example. It’s been half a year since the tragedy and yet situation on Fukushima is not stable. How long will it take?