Facebook Fuss

Facebook face recognition finds friends by KeydMedia

Facebook turned on its new feature: automatic face-recognition application. This move contributed to the heated debate over privacy and identity issues on the web. Critics notice that this new feature violates internet security and does not leave a chance for people to choose whether they want this or not. There is a strange correlation between Facebook’s growing popularity and the number of scandals surrounding it. There were stories of Facebook leaking its data to some advertisers or other third party companies. Despite all the negative news and criticism people keep using Facebook. It seems that nothing can prevent them from it. I believe that Facebook might lose its popularity only if the management decides to oblige users to pay for using Facebook. However chances for this to happen are really low.

I believe that this new face-recognition system is not a big surprise after all, moreover this is something inevitable and expected. Other companies such as Google and Apple are developing their own face-recognition systems as well. No one can prevent technology from development; therefore I don’t really understand why people are so hysterical about Facebook violating people’s privacy. There is no more privacy left for those who use Facebook or any other social networking sites. If someone wants to maintain his privacy so much then she should stop using Facebook, internet, bank cards or cell phones. There is unlimited amount of data on every internet user stored at the web dump.

I have way too many friends on Facebook and sometimes cannot even recall some people’s names. Therefore face-recognition system helps me to tag all the people on various pictures. Of course, this new technology contributed to the “someone’s watching us” hysteria. Yes, it was proved once again that there is no way you can hide or vanish. Well, we all knew the risks and we keep using Facebook no matter what. I use Facebook more than my cell phone: it is easier to organize a meeting or find what friends are doing. All those scandals around Facebook seem like someone is trying to damage this company and create a sense of fear.