Tragedy on Fukushima? Forget about it, move on …

News cycles change very fast, so that people already don’t really remember what happened a week ago. Situation with Fukushima does not seem to get any better, but it seems to me that the international community has lost its interest in the story. My Facebook wall provides a reflection of mainstream news. There are no more stories about Japan. Sadly enough people recentlywere celebrating the death of one person – Usama, even though the story of his murder raises many questions and seems suspicious. In the meantime, situation in Japan remains alarming. People who live in Vladivostok, some 800 kilometers from Fukushima, still have their doubts regarding the situation with radiation in their region. They have no idea what to believe and whom to listen, therefore they buy special devices to measure the background radiation themselves and rely on themselves.

News agencies in Vladivostok report that there are more than 20 radioactive cars in the harbor. Many businesses in Vladivostok sell used imported cars from Japan. Streets of Vladivostok are full of Japanese cars with right rudder. Even though Russian government attempted to ban the right-rudder cars many times, every time they received angry feedback from residents of the Russian Far East. Locals reasonably believe that used Japanese cars are better than the new Russian ones.

Many small businesses in Vladivostok sell spare car parts and accessories. Therefore Japanese disaster hit economic prosperity of Vladivostok and the surrounding region. Local media keep reporting on the dangerous radioactive cars in the harbor. Customs still have no clear idea of what should be done with those cars. Local news source report that “all automobiles, that have excess of radioactivity are placed in isolated area of customs control with signs informing about radiation hazard.”

At the same time locals are still buying used Japanese cars. Clearly the prices have risen and customers became pickier: they measure cars for radiation now. Whereas international attention is off Japan, the problem is still there. Radioactive water was dumped into the ocean, what consequences will it bring? Will fish be contaminated now? Will the drowned cars keep reaching Vladivostok, and who should deal with them after all?