Angry Birds + Three Little Pigs = revolution in the Middle East

Level Cleared by Zhgun

This Wednesday, Russian Internet exploded in laughter. The reason for this was one video created by well-known blogger Egor Zhgun.

Video represents a combination of popular game Angry Birds and the Three Little Pigs story. Ben Ali – a former president of Tunisia, Mubarak – the former president of Egypt and Qaddafi represent three pigs who built their own cozy houses. Strangely Muslim leaders are depicted as pigs.

Tweety birds representing Middle East argue about the nature of the revolution: should there be democracy or theocracy. Eventually they decide: “Ok let’s first # those bastards down and then work it out”
Ben Ali was the first in the list, followed by Mubarak. However, taking down Gaddafi was not that easy. Tweeties could not overthrow on their own therefore they asked for help from the third party: The American Mighty Eagle.

This video has been viewed more than 500,000 times on Youtube, and it is not the limit yet. Zhgun’s blog post received about 270 comments. People mainly enjoyed watching the video and expressed their support. Some of them predicted the same scenario for the regime of Mr. Lukashenko in Belorussia and in North Korea.
As user MsValentino2 pointed out:

Cool game called SAVE THE DOLLAR: label some small country rich in mineral resources dictatorial, send there spies and secret agents. The next level is to organize a revolution. Well, if this does not work, then hire some bandits and let them pretend to be insurgents. And then here is a bonus game: bomb bridges, hospitals, schools, do not forget to send a couple of rockets to some military buildings. In any case just say that you are bringing them a holy democracy. )))))

Zhgun is known for his provocative political cartoons and video clips. This year His blog was nominated for the prestigious BOBs / Deutsche Welle Blog Award in the category: Best Blog in Russian