CNN and Sunday morning

So I read today: CNN apologizes for the mistake [RUS] could not find it in English tho. Several days ago one of the CNN videos appeared on the web, however the footage did not match the text, in particular, it said that Eastern Russia protested against the reduction of time zones, and the video images are about football fan protests at Manezhnaya square in Moscow on December 15. When I saw this video I thought it must be fake because CNN could not just goof up like this. But no! When they apologized for the mistake it was clear that they could.

Do here is this “masterpiece”:

This video got a lot of angry responses from users. I think this played a crucial role in the fact that CNN eventually apologized for this gaffe.

The question is: do they have any Russian-speakers over there? Although madam, that reads the text about the protest seems to have an obvious Russian accent. Then I decided to get into youtube and search for video, where they apologize. So i typed: CNN apologizes, and here comes an endless amount of CNN mistakes: CNN Apologizes After Airing Song With ‘Nigga’ , CNN Apologizes For Airing ‘N-Word’ In Coolio Song , Wolf Apologizes for Obama Osama “TYPO” , CNN fails to apologize for insulting Chinese people

Apparently they make a lot of mistakes.

And now an appeal to CNN: dear Sirs over there! Please hire me! It will be much better for you, and you can get rid of these mistakes about Russia with my help. I write articles and do media analysis! You do not want to? Hmm, and my inbox is still empty, there is no news from you…

Meanwhile, in Budapest: Sunday, and this means that all shops are closed at 1pm or do not open at all. The library is warm and the magazine Kommersant Vlast’ is next to me, Gotan Project in the headphones and unlimited internet access on your computer …. Beautiful day!!!!