Vladivostok – Yekaterinburg: apparently no big difference???

Flood on the roads of Yekaterinburg by nucl0id on livejournal

Sometimes Internet shines like a diamond of freedom and transparency, other times it screws you over by the wrong information.

It was always a problem to distinguish true and real stories from the fake ones. So it is all about fact check and verification of sources. Wikileaks has revealed an incredible amount of documents people were not aware of. Investigative journalism has totally moved online, where bloggers started conducting their own investigations and uploading the findings in the web.
However there are examples of bad blogging, or even paid blogging. This morning I came upon an example of bad reporting. The portal called EnglishRussia.com has issued a photo report on the huge traffic jam allegedly in Vladivostok.
So it is said:

Today in the morning two traffic jams occurred in Vladivostok because of the pipes break. 600-mm pipe burst in Shefskaya street under the bridge. About one hundred meters of the roadway were covered with half a meter water column, about a dozen of cars failed and couldn’t get out of the water on their own. As a result – kilometres-long traffic jams from both sides of the lake.

The pictures are pretty impressive. And the bloggers’ reaction has followed quickly. There is no Shefskaya and Apparatnaya streets in Vladivostok. On the responses board for this article user Lord Cunt pointed out:

This isn’t Vladivostok.

Firstly, nearly all cars in Vladivostok are RHD Japanese imports.

And second, if you look at the licence plates codes, most of them are 96/66(Sverdlovsk Oblast) and 174 (Chelyabinsk Oblast).

The originals of these images were uploaded by nucl0id on his livejournal account. So it turned out that this accident happened in Yekaterinburg and has nothing to do with Vladivostok.

So apparently EnglishRussia.com does not see any difference between two cities. This however offended bloggers from both Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok