Fog in the city and existentialism

My grandmother was a great woman, survived the ugliest times of the WWII, managed to raise children in the scarce climate of Magadan with her husband constantly busy at work helping other people’s… Continue reading

Visiting home: enjoying the nature

I have recently returned from my trip back home to Vladivostok. The city is totally transformed and the mood has changed ever since I was there a year ago. Even though June isn’t… Continue reading

Sea, sun, spring

Here are some fantastic images of the Japanese Sea by the shores of the Russian Far Eastern region of Primorsky krai. Spring is here and the weather is nice and pleasant. In the… Continue reading

Let it Snow Part 2 Plus an Epic Video

When it snows in Vladivostok it is safe to stay at home and just wait until it all melts. Why? Well, because local authorities are never prepared for winter. Winter? Whaaat? Never heard… Continue reading

December 1: First Snow in Vladivostok

It doesn’t often snow in Vladivostok. The first snow of the season is always a big deal. Everyone gets excited about it. Snow always brings a sense of a holiday season even though… Continue reading

Where Lotuses Go to Sleep

Even though Winter has arrived, the weather is still warm. It gets to up to +8 degrees during the day. Lotuses on one of the lakes in Primorsky Krai normally get covered in… Continue reading

On Random Happiness

I miss a lot of people in my life. People who live on different continents and aren’t within an easy reach from Bangkok. I miss you all, my dear friends from Budapest, Moscow,… Continue reading

Thoughts about Deutsche Welle Media Forum 2014

This summer I attended a massive media conference in a small German town of Bonn. Imagine over 2000 journalists and activists from around the word coming to Germany to attend the event organized… Continue reading

Sunny Autumn Day by the Sea

Check out these fantastic images from the Russian Far East. One of my friends once told me: “It myst be really hot for you in Thailand because in Russia it is always cold.”… Continue reading

Beautiful Autumn by the Sea

Autumn is the best time of year in the Russian Far East. The nature changes its colors and the weather is still mild and warm. Look at the magical colors of the Japanese… Continue reading